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Edge to Enterprise

Enabling Connected Operations for Supervisory, HMI, SCADA, and IIoT

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AVEVA’s Edge to Enterprise approach offers integrated software solutions that work in coordination with one another at every level of the business, from edge management to web-based HMI SCADA to the cloud. Our integrated platform enables visibility across the entire supply chain from a single asset to multiple sites through common visualization graphics that span the monitor and control portfolio.


Edge to Enterprise solutions bring new levels of connectivity and drive operational efficiency through collaboration and standardization.


Flexible – Platform agnostic monitoring and control software enables aggregation of previously inaccessible data from disparate data streams into one source of information

Visible – Collect data from all areas and visualize it in the cloud, where Al and Machine Learning add context and enable rapid decision making

Integrated – Only AVEVA offers integrated software solutions that scale from the control of edge devices and applications to HMI/SCADA and enterprise-level data visibility

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